There are so many exciting events and activities going on in Malvern throughout the year. So, whether you’re in Malvern for a few days or a whole week, you’ll be sure to find plenty to do.

Want to immerse yourself in the history of Great Malvern? Fancy heading to a local gallery? Perhaps you’re craving an outdoor adventure? Whatever your preference, we’ve got something to suit you.

In this article, we’re giving you a rundown of some of the best activities in Malvern and the surrounding areas, so you can start planning your stay right away!


1. Explore The Marvellous Malvern Hills

malvern hills

We couldn’t start a list of activities in Malvern without mentioning the iconic Malvern Hills

Widely recognised as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the rugged peaks and steep valleys of the Malvern Hills offer breathtaking vistas and panoramic views, attracting hikers, nature lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts from around the world. 

Did you know? The Malvern Hills were formed around 600 million years ago during the Pre-Cambrian era. Then, during the last ice age, they were shaped by glaciers that scraped and eroded the landscape, creating the distinctive craggy peaks and valleys that we see today.

Malvern has a large variety of peaks to discover, with the Worcestershire Beacon, North Hill and Herefordshire Beacon being some of the most notable. If you’re planning to go walking in the Malvern hills during your stay, be sure to check out our guide to The Best Walks in and Around The Malvern Hills.

Preparing for your walk: Some of the steeper peaks in the Malvern Hills can be notoriously treacherous so, if you’re taking on the bigger hills, check the weather beforehand and always come prepared with suitable footwear. 


2. Discover What’s on at Malvern Theatres 

malvern theatres

If you’re an avid fan of theatre or the arts, don’t forget to find out what’s on at Malvern Theatres. 

Malvern Theatres has a rich history dating back to the late 19th century and over the years, it has played host to a wide range of performers and productions, making it a beloved cultural institution within Worcestershire and beyond.

From Laurence Oliver to Judi Dench, many highly acclaimed actors have taken to the stage in Malvern. So, if you want to experience some of the most high tier acting talent that the UK has to offer, Malvern Theatres is the place to go!

As well as offering a range of spectacular shows, the theatre regularly holds workshops, events and cinema screenings that can be enjoyed by all ages – so be sure to take a look at their online schedule to find out what’s happening during your visit. 

Planning your trip to the theatre: Malvern Theatres is just a 6 minute walk from our hotel in Malvern and is easily accessible by car, train or bus. For those with additional accessibility requirements, please visit the theatre website.


3. Admire The Local Artwork at Malvern Hills Gallery

malvern art

Malvern is home to a large number of talented artists and craftspeople. Within Malvern, you’ll find potters, sculptors, painters, textile designers, jewellery makers and more.

Whether you’re into traditional art styles or more contemporary craftsmanship, Malvern Hills Gallery is the perfect place to discover some of Malvern’s finest creations. Run by Malvern Hills Art & Crafts Guild, the gallery regularly hosts new exhibitions and offers a  wide array of lovingly crafted artworks that make beautiful gifts for friends or family. 

Despite being a relatively small space, it’s easy to get lost in this magical treasure trove and you’re always guaranteed to bump into a friendly face when visiting! 

Planning your visit: Malvern Hills gallery is open Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. For a full list of opening hours and contact details, visit the gallery website here.


4. Immerse Yourself in Malvern’s History 

malvern priory

If you fancy finding out more about Malvern’s fascinating past, there are many historical attractions available that are sure to peak your interest.

One must-visit spot is the Great Malvern Priory, a beautiful medieval church that dates back over 900 years. The priory is known for its stunning architecture and intricate carvings, and is a must-see for anyone interested in religious history. The Priory regularly puts on tours for groups, couples and individuals so make you visit their website to secure your spot.

Another popular historical attraction situated just in front of The Malvern Priory, is the Malvern Museum of Local History, where you can learn all about the town’s captivating past. Hidden within the impressive 14th century gatehouse, the museum is home to a multitude of historic artefacts and exhibits that teach you all about the geological origins of Malvern, the lives of local residents in wartime Malvern and the affluent visitors that came to Malvern during the Victorian period.  

What you should know: Malvern Priory is free to enter however you can show your appreciation by contributing a small donation during your visit. To access the Malvern Museum of Local History, a small admission fee of £2 per adult and 50p per child is required.


5. Take a Wander Around Rose Bank Gardens 

Mount Pleasant Hotel

If you’re looking to spend an afternoon in a tranquil outdoor space, Rose Bank Gardens is the ideal spot.

Nestled on the outskirts of the Malvern Hills with sweeping views of Great Malvern, Rose Bank Gardens is a serene escape that offers a glimpse into the town’s past. The land’s origins can be traced back to Rose Bank, a Regency-style residence that was donated to the town in 1918 by Mr Dyson Perrins. Sadly, the house was later demolished in 1959, but the gardens remain as a testament to its former glory. 

The gardens boast a stunning array of trees, flowers and plants as well as an eyecatching buzzard sculpture that was created by artist Walenty Patel for the diamond Jubilee.

For those visiting with family or friends, there are plenty of benches and open spaces where you kick back, relax or enjoy a picnic on a sunny day. Or, if you fancy treating yourself, why not head over to our award winning Mulberry Tree Restaurant which is just next door!

Worth looking out for: While visiting the gardens be sure to keep an eye out for a very special plaque dedicated to renowned author, CS Lewis!


6. Seek Out Antiques at Malvern Flea & Collectors Fair

malvern antique market

Do you get a thrill out of hunting for a bargain?

If the answer’s yes, Malvern Flea & Collectors Fair is the perfect place to explore.

Held regularly throughout the year at the Three Counties Showground, the fair draws collectors and sellers from all over the UK and beyond. From vintage clothing and jewellery to antique furniture and pottery, you’re always guaranteed to find something completely unique.

The event is extremely popular with collectors and antique lovers so don’t forget to show up early so that you can get your hands on something really special!

Getting to Malvern Flea: The best way to reach the fair is by car as there is plenty of free parking on site. If travelling by train, the nearest station is Great Malvern which is a ten minute taxi ride to the site. 


7. Pick up some Tasty Treats at Great Malvern Farmers Market 

malvern farmers market

Want to try some of Malvern’s finest local produce? The Great Malvern Farmers Market is for you!

Held on the third Saturday of every month, this exciting market brings together a vibrant community of local farmers and producers, all of whom are passionate about their craft. From artisan cheeses and freshly baked bread to organic vegetables and grass-fed meats, this is the perfect place for foodies to indulge in their love for delicious, locally sourced food.

As you make your way towards the market, located next to the Malvern Gateway, the enticing aromas of freshly baked goods will tantalise your senses and guide you towards the source of the alluring scents! 

What you should know: The market begins at 9am and entry is free to all. Most vendors accept card payment but make sure you bring some spare cash just in case!


Staying in Malvern

Now that you’ve seen some of the exciting activities that Malvern has to offer, why not plan your stay? 

Our charming Georgian hotel is located within the centre of Great Malvern and offers excellent access to a range of local amenities, shops and restaurants. With a number of spacious suites available and a handy restaurant on site, we have everything you need for a memorable trip to the Malvern hills!

Select a room online or get in touch with our friendly team to book your stay today.