If remote working has left your team feeling a little disconnected, team building activities are an excellent way for staff to unite and enjoy spending time together. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to unlock the rewards of team building so your staff can feel more inspired and become more productive.

Why is Team Building Important?


Team Building Facilitates Meaningful Communication


According to the MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory, when it comes to a successful team, the most valuable form of communication is face-to-face. While an online Zoom call or virtual workspace can certainly help to create a sense of connectedness, nothing comes close to the benefits of communication in person. Face-to-face interactions allow you to communicate quickly, read body language and respond to nonverbal cues. 

If your team often work from home, it may not be possible to recognise issues that your staff might be facing. By giving them the opportunity to let off steam and connect in an informal setting, staff are more likely to open up so you can take steps to help them feel supported.

What’s more, by encouraging staff to work together to solve problems in a relaxed environment, your team will become better communicators as they work together to come up with innovative solutions. 



Team Building Uncovers Hidden Talents


When staff work alongside each other day in, and day out, they get very used to seeing their coworkers playing specific job roles. When you move a team away from the office environment and into a new setting where individuals aren’t tied to their job titles, they have the opportunity to unleash hidden talents and show different sides to their personalities. 

Trying a new skill or group activity can even enable someone to discover a talent that they didn’t realise they had. This can help to empower your team members by giving them the confidence to try new things while allowing others to see them in a new light. 

What Are Your Company Objectives?



Before you get stuck into planning your company team building day, it’s useful to think about what you want to achieve. Perhaps you’ve recently expanded and want to help your new team members to settle in. Or maybe your staff have had a stressful quarter and you’d like to help them let off steam so that they can regain focus.

Whatever the reason for your team building day, take into consideration the benefits of each potential activity and think about how it might have a positive effect on your business.

Don’t forget to listen to your employees’ ideas. Your team members will have different activity preferences so consider providing a few different options for your staff to pick from. Activities that are physically demanding may not be suitable for all members of your team so keep your options varied. It is important to ensure that everyone can get involved. 


Indoor Team Building ideas


  • DIY Dragons Den: Nominate three staff members to play the investors then split your remaining team into groups and ask them to come up with a pitch for an innovative new product. You could even ask your team to create the product using scrap materials (kitchen rolls, cardboard, plastic bottles etc). This kind of activity can help to promote healthy competition and staff will have a lot of fun coming up with new ideas!
  • Escape Room: Escape rooms are a fun way to strengthen company bonds as they encourage staff to work together and think outside of the box. Gathering clues and finding solutions requires methodical thinking and innovation which are invaluable skills that your employees can take back to the workplace. 
  • Craft Workshop: For those wanting a more relaxed activity that can reduce stress, crafting is the perfect option. According to the Craft Council, the repetitive actions associated with crafting have been shown to help individuals to relieve anxiety and engage in mindfulness. There are plenty of craft options available but some of our favourites include pottery, calligraphy, painting and T-shirt making.

Outdoor Team Building ideas


  • Archery: Archery is a relatively low-cost activity that can help your team members to develop skills in coordination and concentration. As it is less physically demanding than other outdoor activities, it is a great option for those wanting to enjoy the outdoors without working up a sweat. Just ensure to steer clear of the targets! 
  • Climbing: For those looking to engage in a more adventurous outdoor activity, climbing is the perfect option. Not only does it help to build endurance and strength, but it also helps individuals to grow in confidence as they work their way up to more challenging walls. 
  • Zip Line: If your staff are brave enough to scale new heights, zip lining is an exhilarating way to experience the beauty of the outdoors. By supporting each other to conquer fears and become more ambitious, team members will experience heightened self-esteem and develop a greater level of trust in their fellow employees.

How to Plan Your Team Building Event




If you’re planning to host a team building event and need some help getting started, why not get in touch? The Mount Pleasant Hotel is the perfect base for both indoor and outdoor activities across the three counties and beyond. 

The friendly team at our hotel in Malvern will help to create a bespoke activity package for your organisation that can include catering, accommodation and a corporate suite. With local links to a wealth of fantastic activity centres and attractions, the sky’s the limit when it comes to arranging your dream activity day!